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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Prior to starting his professional coaching business, Cory founded Haven Protection and led the company as Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, he oversaw sales, service, support, and client relations. Cory built Haven Protection on a culture of engagement, operational excellence, and innovation. Through his proactive, servant leadership, Cory played a key role in redefining the security industry in the region.

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Whether implementing project performance strategies, harnessing the talents of diverse individuals, or driving growth in companies, Cory can find creative solutions for complex problems.  With over 20 years of executive level experience, his unique ability to build rapport provides Cory regular opportunities to help team members be engaged and passionate about their roles and relationships.

As a passionate entrepreneur, small business owner, and executive-level leader Cory now brings his expertise as a Success Strategist to his clients and peers.


  • Certified Facilitator 

  • Certified John Maxwell Member

  • D.I.S.C. and Personal Assessment certified 

  • Leadership certificates


  • Accreditations in leadership, coaching, training, and speaking

  • Over 25 years of entrepreneur experience in various industies 

  • Experience in sales, operations, executive, and CEO positions

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